Evolution Jogger Pants


Dress them up. Dress them down. The Evolution Jogger Pants are a must have, hands down!

Classic style jogger pants with an elastic waist band that adjusts! Each side of the pant has a drawstring pull cord and cord locks so the pants can become tighter or looser in the waist to your liking. The cord locks grip and hold the waistband in place so that when you sit or move the pants stay exactly how you adjusted them. No need to worry about that gapping at the back waist either. Just adjust the pull cord on either or both sides to fit your waist perfectly!

Fully functioning flap pockets at the left and right hip that can be opened or closed with a snap button. Drawstring pull cord and cord locks at the ankle of each pant leg so that you can pull the pants leg tightly closed to be worn on top of your sneakers or leave them completely open to wear over heels (or boots) as pictured on the model.

Pants come in the color black and the color caramel. 

100% Nylon

No stretch. True to size fit. See pictures and video for more details. 

Model is wearing a size small.

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