Zoe Mar sources the finest, quality metals and stones and we only offer pieces that use high quality plating techniques. Many of our pieces are also handmade, crafted by women and women of color owned small businesses, in small batches, here in the United States of America. A lot of love is put into our jewelry on both our side and that of the jewelry maker. We get excited finding cool, unique pieces that represent the quality standard we strive for.

All jewelry will either be 14k gold plated, 18k gold plated, 24k gold plated, gold filled (vermeil), 925 sterling silver and/or handmade. Each product description will tell you what that particular piece of jewelry is made out of. 

While our jewelry is top tier when it comes to quality, it is fashion jewelry and can experience normal wear and tear over time. To extend the life of your jewelry please, follow our jewelry care instructions below:

  • Store your pieces in the Zoe Mar jewelry dust bag you received at purchase when not in use
  • All jewelry is water resistant, tarnish resistant and can be occasionally submerged in water without fear of turning. However, avoid continuous contact with water and sweat  
  • Wipe jewelry free of oil and debris with a soft cloth
  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry
  • Avoid chemicals
  • Wait for hand/face cream to dry before putting on any jewelry 
  • If your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry oxidizes, you can easily get rid of the dark marks and tarnish with a polish cloth

Our jewelry is made to last with some customers having pieces for years at a time without turning or tarnishing! Please be kind to your jewelry as some pieces are delicate. Again, we offer jewels that we want you to love for a long time. Treat your Zoe Mar jewelry with love and care to get the longevity out of each piece. 

If ever you have any questions/concerns please, shoot us an email at info@zoemar.com. We love talking about our jewels and will respond to you within 24 hours!