Presha 2 Piece Set


Hello, Presha speaking!

While this set is sheer in some places it's also tightly woven and opaque in other areas so that it's not completely see through. The crotch and buttocks area are the more covered areas that are opaque while the lacey parts of the set are going to be sheer and see through. For reference and comparison, the model is not wearing any undergarments on the bottom yet nothing is exposed (see pictures).

90% Nylon/ 10% Spandex. Abstract, lacey flower designs on the front and the back of both the shrug top and bodysuit. 4 rhinestone heart jewels on the front and back of the shrug top with thumbholes on both sleeves to prevent rolling, bunching and to add a cute flare to the design aesthetic. The shrug can be attached to the bodysuit by the rhinestone hearts on the front and back of the shrug to the keyhole hooks on the front and back of the bodysuit (see video). However, the model does not have the shrug and bodysuit affixed to one another in the pictures. Set includes the shrug top and the bodysuit. Great stretch, amazing fit that's true to size. 

Sets are sized S/M (small/medium) and L/XL (large/extra large). Available in red and aqua.

Presha 2 Piece Set will ship January 12th 2024.

Model is wearing a size S/M (small/medium) and accessorized her outfit with our Mega Star Earrings.

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